Winning teams will receive their awards at a public event on Sunday September 30, 2012 afternoon from 1pm – 4pm (Join us! Everyone is welcome). Its gonna be awesome!

Cleanweb Vancouver is pleased to announce several prize categories, named in honour of those providing data or support to this event:

1. The BC Hydro Prize for Energy Conservation ($TBA)
2. The City of Vancouver, Greenest City Prize for User Engagement ($TBA)
3. The Province of BC award for Climate Action ($TBA)
4. The Strutta prize for Social Engagement ($TBA)
5. The Indochino Prize for Lean Scalable Business ($TBA)
6. The Gridbid Prize for Solar Proliferation ($TBA)

Check out these past cleanweb events around the globe:

New York (Submissions from last year)
Cleanweb UK (Ignite videos, from Sept 15, 2012)
Cleanweb Houston (from Sept 23, 2012)
Oakland Solar Hack (Scroll down to video, jump to 2-min mark)
Boston Cleanweb (watch the video, skipping sections)

Also, CleanwebNYC is happening simultaneously, and we hope to stream them in!

Indochino Prize for Lean Scalability: 2 Free Suits!
Indochino is looking for talented, innovative thinkers who are eager to make their mark on the online retail experience. We’re recognized leaders in Responsive Web Design and have Front End Engineering opportunities for those who want to deliver great and creative user experiences. We’re also looking for Back-End Engineering talent to work with some extremely challenging engineering problems to solve, like forecasting best-fit parameters and doing real-time error correction using predictive modelling. The Indochino employee executes every task to the highest standard possible, has a connection to design, and an appreciation for technology and fashion. To learn more vist our careers page at or send a resume, github account or send us an email at

Job Links:
Front-end Engineer –
Back-end Engineer -

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