Lean Startup + Sustainability

Here’s a quick recap of our Cleanweb event at HiVE Vancouver last weekend (Sept 28 – 30). Many thanks to our sponsors BC Hydro, City of Vancouver, Wavefront, SFU, SFU Beedie and the Province of British Columbia.

The weekend was full of fun and inspiring events and collaboration, with just over 50 developers, designers and business folk joining us throughout the weekend.

We Compost won the CIty of Vancouver, Greenest City by 2020 Prize for Citizen Engagement

We also had 25 other participants join us at various times, including mentors, sponsors and judges from the Cleantech community in Vancouver. It was nice to see the beginnings of a deeper conversation (between government, industry, entrepreneurs and developers) surrounding open data, what data is valuable and how, and what further datasets are needed to achieve some real resource optimization.

In total 12 apps were submitted, and we gave away 6 prizes in the following categories:

1. The BC Hydro Prize for Energy Conservation
2. The City of Vancouver, Greenest City Prize for User Engagement
3. The Province of BC award for Climate Action
4. The Strutta prize for Social Engagement
5. The Indochino Prize for Lean Scalable Business
6. The Gridbid Prize for Solar Proliferation

Check out the winnng hacks. We had a great panel of judges from the Vancouver Cleantech Community:

Eric Bukovinsky, Yaletown Venture Partners
Alfred Lam, Chrysalix
Neil Branda, SFU Applied Sciences & 4D Labs
Tim Lesiuk, Province of British Columbia, Climate Action Secretariat
Anthony Nicalo, Foodtree

We were also fortunate enough to have participation from Boyd Cohen’s UBC Sauder Biz School in-depth class (30 students) join us– ‘Lean Startup meets Sustainability.’

Business Pitch: Engaging citizens with an app to help achieve Greenest City 2020 Action Plan Goals

Each Sauder team created their Pitch, Executive Summary and Slide Deck, and gave presentations on Sunday morning for course credit. There were some really cool concepts and outcomes, and some students participated in the Hack and won great prizes!

Another exciting element was streaming our ustream account to a simultaneous Cleanweb event in NYC on Saturday, and then streaming in their awards ceremonies on Sunday. Check out the cleanweb NYC website. (Bill Weihl, Sustainability Guru at Facebook, formerly Google, participated on the NYC awesome judging panel)

Check out some of these awesome shots from our Cleanweb event. Lean and Scalable business concepts that address collective resource constraint. Awesome!

Mack Flavelle and daughter Georgia accept the Indochino Prize for Lean Scalability (Team: Sow your Seed)

Boyd Cohen blends Lean Startup, Sustainability, Smart Cities and Pure Authenticity with his students